The main exportable item are whitish Humera sesame seed, green mung, chickpeas, soya beans.

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Anemaw Alemu imports lowbed trailer and Trucks, used cars, Tyres, Paper and Sunflower Oil. 

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Anemaw Alemu transport service provides transportation services with 10 Dry Cargo with a carrying capacity of 40 MT each.

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Major Achievements

  • Our Export business has been  increasing from year to year both in kind and sales volumes.
  • The Import business has also been increasing from year to year in parallel to exporting.
  • We have expanded our business of line in Transport sector and Construction Machineries Rental services.
  • We have generated significant amount of foreign currency to our country
  • We purchased a seat and owned ECX membership rights
  • We built our own warehouse at Hummera which has a capacity to store more than 15,000MT at a time. 

Social Responsibilities

Anemaw Alemu import and Export is an independent private company established to operate as a profit making organization while serving society. It has no any hesitation in supporting educational and health service quality improvement and their accessibility. In addition to these, the company is willing to support the national plan for development. It also engaged in environmental friendly business and adopts technologies which minimize environmental pollutions.