About Us 


As a private business enterprise, we need to make profit  by proving efficient services and quality products to our esteem customers by deploying appropriate technology and hiring & retaining competent employees. In addition, the company will excel in the international market and generate foreign currency to our country by increasing sales volume and type of export items.


Competent exporter and importer to be chosen by customers.


Anemaw Alemu  export and import business has come to existence since 2010. The main exportable items are whitish Humera and Wollega type sesame seed and pulses while Sino trucks, double cabin pickups, Tyre, new and used Iveco truck trailers, A4 size paper, steel bar and edible oil are the main imported ones. By the year 2011, Anemaw Alemu, owner, has also engaged in transport business sector  with 4 dry cargoes with a carrying capacity of 40 MT each. Currently, there are more than 40 cargoes. Around 60 percent of them are fuel cargoes and the remaining are dry ones. Moreover, we have joined the construction machinery rental services with Grader and Dozer. Very recently, we have secured 2000 hectare of land for agricultural business from Benishangul Gumuz Regional state to commence cotton and sesame seed production.

Major Business Activities of the Company

  • Exporting agricultural products such as sesame seed and pulse (chick peas, green mung, soya beans, pea nut) and others.
  • Importing items are Low-bed trailer, truck with trailers, double cabin pickups, edible oil, A4 paper, steel bar and tyre.
  • Rendering transport services from Djibouti port to Ethiopia and throughout Ethiopia to and from any location. Moreover, the company has joined construction machinery rental service. 

Business Objectives

 To be a competent exporter of agricultural  products and importer  of highly demanded products.

To play the leading role in generating foreign currency to our country by actively involving in the international market.

 To create job opportunities for citizens by assuring continuous and sustainable wealth through healthy business competition.

Major Achievements

 Our Export business has been  increasing from year to year both in types and sales volumes.

 The Import business has also been increasing from year to year in parallel to exporting.

 we have expanded our business of line in Transport sector and Construction Machinery Rental services.

 We have generated significant amount of foreign currency to our country

 We purchased a seat and owned ECX membership rights

 We built our own warehouse at Hummera which has a capacity to store more than 15,000MT at a time. 

Social Responsibilities

Our Company is highly responsible towards the community and environment protection (both ecological and social) in which we operate. We express our responsibilities.

(1) By managing properly the removal of rejections and pollution reduction processes,

(2) By contributing educational and social programs and

(3) By earning adequate returns on the employed resources. We need a healthy, educated workforce, sustainable resources and our government by generating foreign currency. In general, we believe that our success and social welfare are interdependent.